Refurbished Burleigh/EXFO Instrumentation

Wavemeters, Fabry-Perot Interferometers, Piezo Electronics and MORE

We stock replacement HeNe lasers for these wavemeters including NEW single frequency HeNe's

Burleigh WA-1500 Wavemeter

High Res +- .2PPM Accuracy

VIS/NIR/IR Configurations

WA-1000 Lower Accuracy Model 

+- 1PPM Accuracy

WA-1000 IR configured

Can be reset for VIS or NIR

Burleigh WA-1100 Wavemeter

700 -1700 nm

+- 1 PPM Accuracy

Resolution is .001 nm

FC/APC Fiber Input

Also Higher Accuracy WA-1650


Burleigh WA-2500 Wavemeter Jr

 Wide Range       400-1800 nm

.1 nm Accuracy



Burleigh WA-7000 

Multiline Wavemeter

Optical Channel Analyzer

NIR: 1270 to 1680 nm

Accuracy: +- 1PPM 

+- .0015 nm at 1500 nm

Coming Soon: EXFO WA-7600's!

/>Burleigh WA-20 Wavemeter High Accuracy - Low Price!

Burleigh Pulsed Wavemeter Model WA-4000 for Pulsed Lasers and OPO's
  • Pulsed and CW laser wavelength measurement
  • Absolute wavelength accuracy of 1 cm-1 
  • Built-in HeNe laser wavelength standard for continuous calibration
  • Operation from 400 to 1100nm
  • Displays wavelength (nm) or wavenumber (cm-1)
  • Visible tracer beam to facilitate alignment
  • Asynchronous operation with automatic pulse detection
  • Measures spectral characteristics of stored spectra
  • RS-232 and IEEE-488 interface capability



400 - 1100 nm

Absolute Accuracy 1 cm-1
0.06 nm @ 800 nm
Spectral Resolution  
Fizeau Etalon 75 GHz
Maximum Laser Bandwidth  
Fizeau Etalon 450 GHz
Measurement Rate 20 Hz
Display Rate  
Wavelength Only > 5 Hz
Wavelength/Spectrum > 1 Hz
Minimum Input  
Energy 1 J
Power 10 W


Laser Spectrum Analyzer SA-800-NIR Plus, 980 nm to 1145 nm mirrors, other wavelengths optional
Highest Finesse Available
The SAPlus Laser Spectrum Analyzer employs a piezoelectrically scanned confocal mirror Fabry-Perot interferometer to provide the finesse necessary to achieve high-resolution measurements. For wavelengths greater than 1000 nm, the SAPlus is the only laser spectrum analyzer of its kind to guarantee a finesse of over 300. At shorter wavelengths, a finesse greater than 200 can be expected. The free spectral range of the SAPlus system is configured for 8 GHz. The system can be reconfigured to a different free spectral range by simply changing the mirror set.

Burleigh HiFase Laser Etalon HF-1500

Burleigh Piezo Drivers PZ-70, PZ-42, and 3-axis PZ-62, RG-91, RG-93, RC-43 Ramp Generators, CFT RC-45 controllers, and PCS-250.

Inchworms and Inchworm Controllers, CE-2000 etc.

PZT Aligner/Translator Assemblies with 2” Star Gimbal Mounts SG-201 with SG-306 base

Burleigh Fabry-Perot Interferometers

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LIKE NEW!  Fabry-Perot RC-140 or RC-110 with Ramp Generator piezo electronics configured with mirrors of choice.  Includes kinematic base.  DAS-10 Stabilization electronics available as option.

We specialize in the rebuilding and repair of Burleigh's Fabry-Perot instruments having sold systems to US government labs and research facilities around the world.  We offer custom fabrication of etalon mirror sets using Burleigh's original vendors and suppliers. These mirrors are produced to a higher specification than original designs using lambda/200 flat substrates.

Download Burleigh Technical Note on FabryPerot Interferometer Design & Uses


Please contact Bill Arkin at with any questions or requests for quotes.

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