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Dual Channel High Speed for CT6800 Family
Very fast dual-channel drive-card for Cambridge Technology's  CT6800HP
Improved board design, small and reliable.  Includes overdrive-curcuit
for enhanced scanning speed of 40,000pps and beyond at 7deg. ILDA spec
Power requirements: 2 x 20-30V DC at 2A.
Connector fits directly to CT scanners.
Dimensions: single drivercard: 3.5" x 4"
Dual drivecard incl. cooling mount: 7" x 4.3"

$475 Dual Channel

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MediaLas CT-MicroAmp

World's Smallest Cambridge Amplifier
Very fast driver for Cambridge 6800HP or 6210.
New design with extremely small dimensions and
great reliability.
Speed up to 60.000pps*!

Adjustments for picture size, invert etc.
Fully symmetrical inputs, isolated from heatsink.
Highly integrated reliable surface mount technology

*>45.000 with 6800 at 8, appr. 60.000 with 6210 at 4

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All inputs and outputs on one connector.
Dimensions:  Single driver only 50 x 63 x 30mm.

Power requirements: 2 x 20-30V DC at < 2A.
Outstanding for Fiber ScanHeads
One driver per Galvo is needed

$ 299

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