Coherent Compass and DPSS-532 Repair & Replacement

Coherent with their original DPSS-532 lasers and later Compass series produces the finest solidstate green lasers for stability and single frequency reliability.  These are long lived lasers but failures of low power, tiny components that come loose, IR pump diode failure, etc are seen in the field.  They are used in a variety of industrial and scientific instruments and applications such as:

DNA Sequencing PC Board Analysis Computer To Plate Lithography Newspaper Plate Making Holography
Confocal Microscopy Flow Cytometry Biological Fluorescence Laser Inspection Semiconductor Manufacturing

Holo-Spectra has many years of experience in the repair of this family of lasers.  We stock repair parts, electronics, and pump diodes as well as full head replacements for fast and economical solutions when your systems that depend on these lasers go down.  In just the DNA Sequencing field, we have been repairing 2 to 3 DPSS-532 units a month for equipment manufacturers with near perfect success in the field.  We have facilities for highly accurate alignment of the lasers back onto their mounting plates.  We are also available for field service testing, alignment, and installation on some machines.

The Coherent lasers we work on the most are the DPSS532-20, DPSS532-100, DPSS532-200, Compass 315M-100, 315M-150, and 215M-50.  Occasionally, we have some of the Compass series available unused from OEM overstock at huge savings.  All these lasers are available for purchase with a one year warranty. Please contact us with your needs.

Coherent Compass 


Coherent DPSS532


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