Holo-Spectra custom manufactures laser projectors in both table and rail configurations. Rails are smaller and more compact than tables and consequently lower cost. However, tables have more versatility in setup and can launch multiple beams in an easily customizable manner.

Tables can have upward of 20 launch ports which besides single, dual, or quad beam sourcing can support graphic heads, lumias, diffraction wheels, machida effects, fiber feeds, and other modules. Generally there will be a shutter and color control actuators under the table with the laser. Electronics can also be mounted there.

Our tables and rails are now all digital. This means that local microcontrollers signal all the actuators, motors, and effects. They are in turn controlled by a central computer which digitally sends commands from our software programs like BeamWizard and EffectsWizard. Digital hardware is a big advantage in reducing cable size, overall hardware costs, and allowing for more complex effects and programming of the table.

On the left is an example of a 20-port rail system separated into 4 individually tiltable pods. Electronics are in the lower portion while shutter and color control is in the upper housing. Note how compact this system is.

Below is a table constructed for a technology university. The versatility for multiple beams and effects is very clear.Access to the laser is from the opposite side. The electronics for the scanner drivers, PCAOM, and actuator drivers are easily at hand.

[Dividing Line Image]

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