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8-Port LitePipe LP1 with Spectra Physics 168 Whitelight Laser


Most Compact Projector Available

Exceptionally Light Weight

DMX Input to ILDA Standard

Alignment Indicator Built-In

Attaches to Base of Laser

Adapts to all kinds of Lasers

Includes EffectsWizard PC Software


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LP2 Single Beam Port

High Speed Beam Actuators

Fine Adjustment Beam Steerers

360 Degree Swivel Positioning

140 Degree Vertical Positioning

All Wideband Dielectric Mirrors

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Cambridge Scanner Port with PCAOM

Fast Accurate PCAOM Adjustment

Fast Scan Beam Adjustment

3 Color Subtractive Filters

Master Shutter Included

Input Laser Beam Steering

Optional Laser Power Monitoring

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LP2 Dual Beam Launching Ports & Sealed Actuators

Multiply Your Launch Beams

Very Fast Turret Adjustment

Reliable LongTerm Stability

TTL STP8X Actuators

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Closeup of Corner Assembly of LP2

Sophisticated Dual Mechanical/Electrical Shutter

Optional Beam Power Measurement

Accurate Beam Pointing for full Pipe

Laser Power Heat Sink

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Based on a radically new concept in laser lightshow projectors, the LitePipe distributes the laser beam axially down the centerline of a rigid shaft.  Actuators intercept the light at 45 degree angles and relay it into the port modules.  The advantages of this design are an extremely compact and lightweight system as well as maximum positioning flexibility.  Entire groupings or individual modules can be easily rotated with access to all possible directions.  Both rough and fine positioning is designed in and once set, all beam launches will maintain long-term stability and accuracy.  Besides dual or single beam ports, scanhead ports and special effects modules are available.  Dual Motorized Diffraction Wheels, Machida, and Lumia Wheels are some examples.  This fantastic new projector has another big advantage:  its lightweight and efficient design reduces its manufacturing costs and makes it one of the most cost effective projectors ever offered.

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EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL                                                     Starts at $8200

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