From the recent international ILDA Conference, we have a few download packages available. Our newest SpectraScan programs were introduced in the technical sessions and the tradeshow. For those who attended, thank you very much for the overwhelming praise and interest we received in our new programs, particularly LD Graphic Converter. If you were unable to get the sample disk or didn't attend the conference, please download the full package with information on all our products as well as the samples. You can also download the zipped samples pack with over 20 .ldb images made by LD Converter from PC vector graphic and bitmap sources. It includes some source images so you can compare to the originals. The converted images are unedited so you see true productive output. You are free to use these images in your own productions but not to sell them. The sample packs, including the turkeys, are also now in the Amiga LDA format and the ILD international ILDA format.

We will be adding new converted images free for use in your shows. So keep coming by to visit.  Thanksgiving images are the first group.

[Dividing Line Image]


formatamatic_screen.bmp (1138462 bytes)

In order to mass convert the above frames between standard LD formats, I decided to write a batch converter.  You need to have any Pangolin QMod board to run this program.  It demonstrates our 32-bit LD API technology by including a viewport and file statistics.  Because it is a modern interface like our other programs, all you have to do is set your preferences and then drop icons for all the frame files you wish to convert and away it will go.  I hope all Pangolin LD users will try the program and save a lot of time in their distribution of frame graphics.  If you find it useful, then please support the concept of shareware, and send Holo-Spectra the $75 bucks.   If there is support for my effort here, then I will release other tools in this manner.  Registered users of Formatamatic will get an advanced version with single-step name changing, frame file breakout into single frames, and .....   Sign-in, say hello, and hit submit to go to download.



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[Dividing Line Image]

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