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The SpectraScan II Accent™ is a versatile laser scanning control system designed for 2-axis pre-objective and 3-axis (that is X, Y, and focus) post-objective scanning configurations. It works with General Scanning and Cambridge scanners and amplifiers under the control of our advanced Accent™ Win95 software and the QuadMod32 Laser Computer on a board. The 32-bit software and board run in a standard PC Windows computer. The system supports continuously variable laser power intensity modulation, Q-Switch control, shutters, and a tracer visible laser diode for path visualization. The QuadMod32 Laser Computer has several 16-bit and 8-bit D/A outputs for these functions as well as 16 bits of TTL logic that can be programmed for external control synchronization with parts handling equipment. With the use of different modules, image input can be accomplished with drawing tools, mouse drawing, digitizing tablets, video cameras, scanners, and computer file converters. Font support, step-and-repeat, runtime bin marking variations, operator parts database interface, and multiple marking objects are some of the features supported. This is very advanced software integrating the ease of use of Win95 interface features, Access databases, and OLE capabilities. This means that manufacturers can deeply integrate marking work functions with their systemwide enterprise computing or on-floor automated production systems.

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