10 Port Multi-Effect Green Laser Projector 

World's Best!

Our newest product, SpectraScan GreenHornet is the finest economy laser projector manufactured in the world today.  Incorporating green solidstate lasers from 10mw to 200mw, the GreenHornet generates more diverse effects to thrill your audiences than ever before.  It can be mounted on a wall, from a truss, or even under an overhang or ceiling.  Fully operational from any low cost DMX source, you only need to add 120 or 220VAC source - no water cooling.  To fit your environment, the projector body can be tilted ninety degrees and includes a rugged 5 x 6 mounting plate, bolts, and C-Clamps.  If you are a mobile DJ, the projector folds up into a package only 6" x 5" x 26" and weighing less than 14 lbs including the mounting clamps!  

So Many Effects

Unlike all other economy beam projectors, the GreenHornet has many different projection effects included.  Instead of eight beam turrets, your GreenHornet has nine, each on an individual DMX channel.  All have 360 degree positioning and vertical height adjustment.  One port has another special effect not found on other projectors: a digitally controlled motorized diffraction grating.  Under DMX control, you can select the direction and speed of the effect launching dozens of rotating identical beams in a beautiful array.  For systems sold in the US, this effect is a single horizontal array of beams due to CDRH regulations.  Unique to the GreenHornet is the combination of these beamports with another important projector port, the scanport.  By using advanced computer control from the onboard GHProcessor, you are able to launch complex laser sheet designs using two frequency selecting DMX channels.  They can sparkle with high speed intricacy or hypnotize with a slow controlled transit.  Because the GHProcessor allows selection of any beam within this wide sheet angle, you also have an effect called PopCorn, that randomly selects single beams and jumps from one beam to the next turning off between jumps.  You use one DMX channel to select the speed of this PopCorn effect generating the very popular StarWars beam intensity.  Another effect is the Fan effect.  The GHProcessor stores 24 fan designs that can be called by a mere touch on a single DMX slider.  Two finger Victory and a six spread finger are two fans you can call for display.  On the same DMX channel, there are also 16 preset sheet effects.  Finally, a wonderful feature of the GHProcessor are preprogrammed chases.  Just selecting its DMX preset number and setting the DMX timing slider is sufficient to display a complex sequence of laser events.   These alone make beautiful entertaining shows but you can also program your own complex shows by using the sequencing functions built-in to nearly all DMX controllers.


So Many Features

  • 10 Individual Ports
  • High Power Integral Green Laser
  • DMX Controlled
  • Computer Generated Sheet Effects
  • Computer Generated Fan Effects
  • Mixed Effect Chases with DMX Controlled Speed
  • Motorized Diffraction Effect with DMX Controlled Speed & Direction
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • BeamPorts are adjustable 360 horizontal & 60 vertical
  • DMX Offset Address, 0-230
  • 110VAC or 220VAC
  • Includes set of DMX Control Frames for Pangolin LD2000 Users
  • One-Year Warranty


We strongly recommend download and viewing of these videos to understand the performance of the GreenHornet.  The files are played with Windows Media Player.

GreenHornet General Performance Demo, 717Kbytes

GreenHornet Diffraction Effect, 21KBytes

GreenHornet Color Brochure, Adobe Acrobat format 2.6 Mbytes

GreenHornet Color Brochure, Jpeg format 228 Kbytes


DMX Control Channels for GreenHornet
Channel Function Notes
1 Laser ON/OFF Transition happens at >9
2-10 BeamPorts Transition happens at >9
11,12,13 Future Options
14 Popcorn Speed Random Beams from ScanPort
15 Scan Frequency1 Low Frequency Sheet from ScanPort
16 Scan Frequency2 High Frequency Sheet from ScanPort
17 Future Option
18 Diffraction Motor Speed / Dir Value=128 is middle.  Either side is direction with speed increasing away from center
19 Preset Selection Number Starting at 2, every increase of 2 is new preset
20 Preset ON/OFF & Speed Greater than 4 turns on Presets.  The value sets Chase speed when your preset is a chase.
21 Reverse voltage for Assign
22 Assign BeamPort Position Gain Resets beam position on port mirror
23 Toggle Assign BeamPort
24,25 Future Option


Description Model # Manuf. Suggested Retail
GreenHornet 20mw GH1-20 $4200
GreenHornet 50mw GH1-50 $4850
GreenHornet 100mw GH1-100 $7120
GreenHornet 150mw GH1-150 $8645
GreenHornet 200mw GH1-200 $9995

GreenHornets are available in stock to two weeks internationally.  Orders are being accepted in US while new Variance registration is being processed by CDRH. Credit card orders can be processed via PayPal.  If you are a lighting or laser professional reseller, we are now accepting international dealers.

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