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We often get small quantities of surplus parts very useful to the laser entertainment professional or hobbyist.  Sometimes these are new overstock parts.   As always, Holo-Spectra only sells to the satisfaction of its clients, so it is satisfaction guaranteed! Watch this page for continuously updated listings.

2 General Scanning G120D Scanners, fresh from GS refurbishing, with their Certificate of Conformance        $450 each

2 LSDI Accelerator 124 Driver Cards, Light Use to Unused             $100 each

MFE R4077 Actuator, unused                                                         $75

GS GVM734 GM20 type actuator                                                    Make Offer

Red OEM VLD's 3-5 mw 635nm Modulatable DC - 100kHz w variable Collimation lens, 12mm diameter x 30mm,  new    $125  

He-Ne OEM cylindrical Heads, Melles Griot w aperture and alden cables, polarized TEM00, 4-8mw,    $70-150

Laser Water Monitoring Systems:  Manufactured by Hughes, they are integrated temperature, flow rate and water pressure sensors and gauges - battery operated - a professional's dream.  When it comes to water cooling, you can't be too safe.     $350

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