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RoboLase Programmable Positionable Bounce Mirror

DMX Triggerable in 512 Address Space robolas1.JPG (44799 bytes)
Can Run in Preprogrammed Auto Mode
KeyPad XY Position Entry for Individual Steps
Programmable Motion Speed & Step Rate
Use for Variable Beam Relay
Choreograph Arrays of Motion Beams!
Outstanding Low Price!

A wonderful new tool for the professional laserist or laser installation, this versatile instrument can be used with mirrors or effects (like diffraction gratings) installed on the movable shaft.  Just set the start address and any DMX controller can send the 8-bit X and Y positioning signals to two adjacent channels.  Now, the unit can also receive DMX information to turn a laser on or off (single bit) and 6-bits of information for other functions.  RoboLase is very fast and uses the same high reliability stepper motors found in Intellibeams.   You can also run in manual mode by programming up to 20 steps from its keypad as well as the speed and delay times. Then just let it rip!  No DMX needed and no external cues.  A few RoboLase units can launch bounce beams all over a stage far better than multiple arrays of bounce mirrors.  Plus now you can sweep beams at a moderate speed without needing a remote sheet scanner!  Sweep vast volumes of club space with hundreds of multicolored laser beams by using with a combination mirror and diffraction grating.  DJ's will love the easy setup and wide coverage the RoboLase can give to clubs.

Download PDF Manual RoboLase

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