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Economical Beam Switching Device

Single Unit Price $75
10 Units + $68

This actuator, an effective replacement for General Scanning's 3X expensive GM20, has a fully integrated arm/mirror assembly, support bracket, and driver. It is an On/Off device signalled by 4-20 VDC. Therefore, they work very well with 3-5 Volt TTL signals as supplied by our EffectsWizard microcontroller projector modules. These are by far the most cost effective quality actuators on the market today. You save on the mirror assemblies, mount, and most importantly, the cost of driver electronics.  We use them as shutters, on beam tables as pickoff actuators, and as flags in (dichroic color subtraction) color boxes.  Universities and photonics research labs will find them to be very cost effective shutters and beam switching devices.

Single actuators can cycle effectively at greater than 15 hertz.  Sequential beam pick-offs can be done at up to 30-40 hertz.

Operational beam height 2 inches
Actuation Voltage 4-20 VDC
Operational Voltage 12 VDC
Operational Current 200 ma
Rotational Angle 45 degrees
Settling Time 25 msec

Use STP 8X's with our FxWizard PICPro Microcontroller Modules.  They can control a shutter, 3 color flags, and 20 more port actuators all from a single 3-wire RS232.   Use your own software with our decode conventions or run EffectsWizard Lite, standard FxWizard, or Wizard2000 from Win95 and control all your beam effects with speed, elegance, and ease.  We also offer DMX control of these actuators using either ILDA standards or your own conventions.

PICPro Module $225
EffectsWizard Lite $245
FxWizard Standard $435
Wizard2000 $485

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