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With over 40 years of experience in the laser repair and resell business, Holo-Spectra Inc. is pleased to expand the availability of these services to the world market reached via the internet. We invented the ion laser refurbishment business in the United States and have developed highly refined techniques for the complete refurbishment of the ion tubes of Coherent Radiation, Spectra Physics, American Laser, and Lexel. We have replacement tubes as well as magnets for many of these systems ready to ship. 

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Please call for free assistance, parts and repair quotes, and tremendous savings on complete refurbished systems.

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We can also handle problems with power supply malfunctions and ion laser optics. Our repair stickers can be found on laser heads in labs around the world. NASA, IBM, Caltech, MIT, US Army and Navy, General Motors, Hughes Labs, Stanford Research Inst., Rockwell, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Univ. of California, Motorola, Bell Labs, and universities around the world are among our customer base. These users know when their lasers develop low power or fail, there is a BIG OPTION—the cost-effective option of plasma tube refurbishment. Laser manufactures have a simple solution for all tube problems—buy a new one! But when some repairs cost less than 10% of new tube cost, it is a painful mistake to choose anything but repair. Laser problems as diverse as improper pressure, vacuum leaks, low power, non-starting condition, magnet shorts or burn-outs, glass breaks, water leaks, and cathode sag can be solved by direct repair or with a refurbished replacement at a substantial discount from new tube cost. For example, the very common repair of optical rewindowing to correct low power will usually result in savings of over 65%.

Sophisticated Equipment

In order to properly repair the wide variety of laser problems encountered, we have had to take many years to build and acquire all the necessary equipment. Holo-Spectra was a pioneer in the development of this technology since 1975 and is the oldest company by far in the field. Five high vacuum processing stations have been constructed for the ultra-clean pumpdown of the many different ion tubes we work on. They are based on the cleanest vacuum devices: cryosorption and ion pumps, and include complex gauging and valving. This facilitates the subtle measurements and metering of the highest grade research gases . For the isolation of vacuum defects and gas analysis, He-Leak testing equipment and an RGA are used. Bakeouts of contaminated tube structures are accomplished on a variety of RF, furnace, and heating devices. Rewindowing is done in a cleanroom environment and special electronics and fixturing are used to handle the exacting polarization orientations of crystalline quartz windows. Glassworking equipment includes a Litton lathe and a wet diamond saw. Finally, a full machine shop with welding is a part of the facility.

Thorough Craftsmanship

A typical tube rebuild will include bore cleaning, recathoding, extensive bakeout and ultra high vacuum processing, rewindowing, burn-in, water-way cleanup of the magnet, regasing, and alignment.

With a sensitive instrument such as a laser, reliability is a key concern and Holo-Spectra addresses this with stringent processes and high caliber equipment. But in a science that is as much an art, our unparalleled experience is the company's greatest asset and our confidence becomes your GUARANTEE. All tubes sold or work performed has a one-year warranty; a warranty that is only matched by an original purchase.

In conjunction with our repair work, we offer fully refurbished laser systems, also with our one-year warranty. For example, complete 5 watt argon lasers start at $9,000. We also have available laser power meters from Coherent and  Scientech  as well as a wide range of refurbished photonic equipment.

Repair Services & Replacements for Coherent DPSS532 and Compass Lasers

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Tremendous Cost Savings
[Bullet] Extended Life for Valuable Research Equipment
[Bullet] Permit Organizations with Small Budgets to Afford Quality Lasers

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