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Argon Laser Systems, Spectra Physics or Coherent, 5W From $4,600 Refurbished with a one-year warranty

Classic Scientific Laser

Coherent Innova I90

5W Argon or 1+ W Kr

Coherent Innova-328 UV, Innova-300 Visible with PowerTrack are also available

Now Available!

Coherent 300 FreD

Deep UV Source

Applications include


Bragg Fiber Gratings

UV resonance Raman spectroscopy


Coherent PureLight Star Cartridge replacements for your dead or dying Whitelights


SpectraScan WhiteKnight fully refurbished 4Watt Ar/Kr whitelight laser based on Coherent Innova tube

Need fiber-feeds, scanned, or line output? NO PROBLEM!!  We design the system that you need.

Want RS232 or IEEE Remote Control?   Spectra Physics 2020 5W $12,600 Refurbished

Krypton, Spectra Physics Md. 164 $11,500 Refurbished

Magnets!!  Often the failure of an ion laser is due to a short or open magnet.  Be sure to check resistance and continuity to ground on your laser system.  This can occur from water leakage, power surges, damaging shorts, and, in the case of some older large frame lasers, manufacturing weakness.  We keep a stock of replacement ion laser magnets for the following Coherent products:

I-90MA, I-90MK, I-90, I-60, I-70, I-300, I-100, I-200, I-400, Sabre series, Enterprise series, and Star series    $1500-2200

Need a replacement tube?  We have a few!

Dye Lasers

Spectra Physics 375B

Coherent 699 Ring Dye Lasers     Outstanding Instruments!!

SpectraGreen  Family of SolidState Green Diode-Pumped Lasers

Coherent DPSS-532 150mw  Outstanding Lab Laser: Single Frequency doubled diode-pumped Nd:YAG, TEMoo with greater than 150 meters coherence length

Spectra-Physics 171 20W Argon or 6W Krypton $23,800 Fully Refurbished

Spectra-Physics 2016 6W multimode Argon $12,200 R

Air-Cooled Low Power:

Spectra Physics 161A Ar   $1500 U

Omnichrome 532-200MA 200mw multiline mm $4800 U

Uniphase replacement tubes for Semiconductor Equipment

Helium Cadium Lasers:

Omnichrome He-Cd 56X 12mw at 442nm $3200 U

Liconix 3215I 325nm UV He-Cd, 10-15mw multimode $5200 U

Helium Neon Lasers:                                                    Special Buy!  Check out these prices on excellent laser heads

Melles Griot cylindrical heads with apertures and Alden connectors, polarized and TEM00


Spectra Physics 125 70mw He-Ne $4500 U

Spectra Physics 127 Lab He-Ne, 30-35mw

Spectra Physics 470 detector, 344 Cavity Dumper


GSGG Rods and Pulsed Systems: 5mm X 106.3mm (Litton Synoptics G0030) 60s average pulses of 500mJ @ 1060nm. ILC L6510 or EG&G FXQSL-925-3 flashlamps. Many available!

Raytheon SS501 400W Pulsed YAG $19,000

Hewlett Packard Laser Interferometer Systems

Coherent 920 Ar/Dye or Ar/Kr Medical Systems

Cooper Medical Monitor Gyn CO2 Laser



Photonic Accessories

Laser Precision RJ-7610

Energy Radiometer w/ RJP-735

Sensor Head Broadband with range

to 1 Joule Perfect Condition U

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Coherent 213 Power Meter Broadband Thermal Disk to 1000W $1400 U

Coherent 201 and 210 Laser Power Meters U

Scientech 361 and 364 Laser Energy & Power Meters to 10W $900 U

Blue Sky BlackHole Md. 510

EG&G Gamma Sci 450 & 550 Radiometers SC-1 Scan Control

Laser Precision CTX-410 Variable Frequency Chopper

Newport Md. 845 Digital Shutter Controller

Uniblitz D122 Shutter Controller with Shutters

Instruments SA H20 1200VIS motorized monochromator w/ remote & data-acquisition

Monochromators ISA 7744-4-85 & 4098-04-81, Jarrell Ash 82-415 & 700-31

Etalons for Spectra Physics and Coherent lasers

Spectra Physics 481A Dye Laser Etalon Controller

Laser Power Supplies


These OEM 6KW CW flashlamp power supplies (YAG, NdGlass) have a boost voltage of 350 volts and an operating voltage specification of 150 volts at up to 40 amps, variable. The high voltage ignition is approximately 30 KV.

ALE 302L Capacitor charging supplies (pulsed ruby or YAG) 0-2KV, 5A up to 4000 J/sec

NEC New Q-Switch and Polarizer for 50 W YAG’s--Spare part for NEC YL456A Marker $1600

Laser Chillers

Neslab HX-150 Chiller

Korad KWC Chiller

Coherent LaserPure-20, LaserPure-40, and LaserPure-60 Heat Exchangers     IN STOCK

Spectra Physics Md. 314 Heat Exchanger


Brimrose Md. TEF-80-20 532nm Frequency Shifter with VFB-80-20-B1-F1-M driver, analog modulation DC-2 MHz   $1200
Crystal Technology TeO2 AO Md. 3200-141 with driver, 10 nsec for 442-488nm

NEOS 17441 Very High Speed Modulator Driver, 440 MHz

Isomet 2203D Lab Driver 110 MHz, 222A-1 and 223A-1 110 MHz Drivers

Intra-Action ME-125 125 MHz A-O Driver



Newport FX-1000G5 5-axis Single-Mode Fiber Automatic Alignment System .01 resolution PERFECT! $24,800 U

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Daedal 3947 3-axis fine screw .5" travel stages w/ fiber-hole $285   UNUSED

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RS-48-8 RS-46-12 RS-410 Air Leg Sets    Call or email for current availability and pricing

Newport components: PICK EM!! 1/3 off Newport list price

Newport Md. 845 Digital Shutter Controller

M900 Spatial Filters, unused 910 Compact Spatial Filter U

F915 fiber mount U 45 Damped Rods & 380/381 Clamps

305 Damped Post & Platforms CL-4, CL-6 Clamps

RSA-2 Rotation Stages 36, 37 Tilt Stands

930-63 Variable Attenuator 535 & 520 Plate Holders U

496 Motorized Rotation Stages U 360-90 & -45 Angle brackets

1" FH-2 and GM-2 Holders

2" AC-2 Holders

TSV-9 9” Vert motion stages 34 Rotating platform

MT-XY 2-axis mini-stages     BSD-1 Beam Steerer, unused

LP-1B 5-axis 1" lens mount    RC-4 Remote control cables

MM-2 Mounts 420, 425, 430 Stages

450-A Ball slide positioner 600-A2, 625A-4 Mirror mounts U

855C/855K 4-axis controllers U     485 Prism Stand

MB-3, 100, 200 Magnetic Bases     877 Silicon Avalanche Photodiode

HC1000 Holo Camera System U    280 Lab Jacks     URL-36 Rails

New Focus 3-axis motorized plate 2" Square with 217-12-30MD motors

Daedal 3947 3-axis fine screw .5" travel stages $285

Daedal 4042 3-axis micrometer .5" travel stage  $365

Lansing 122.505 Differential micrometers unused

Oriel 17720 2” mirror, high accuracy gimbel mounts $315

LineTool A-RH 3-axis Stage w/ micrometers

Aerotech AMS-2, 6 2”, 6” travel manual slides, .00001in/in precise

ATS-303W Stage

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CC1.2 2-axis Controller, U perfect $2400


EG&G 379, 173, 376, 175, 178 Electrochemical  Instruments U

Burleigh Instruments Equipment For Sale

Including FabryPerot Interferometers and Wavemeters


UDT Photometers and optical position detection Equipment:


UDT 31A Displacement meter U

UDT 301B-AC Differential amps U

UDT 61 Optometer U

SORL COAR Laser Beam Expander




General Scanning DG1001 X-Y scan control U also CCX-101

G330 60 Scanners, new, many $125

CA650, CX-660 Amps

LK5100 2-axis post objective scanning kit with linear focus control & digital electronics, configured for any laser wavelength $12,700 UNUSED!!

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Custom configurations of G120D, G300D, or Cambridge Scanners.

Computer controlled scanning for all applications (industrial marking, scientific research, cutting) with our SpectraScan II Accent™ package. This software/computer-on-a-board package is Win95 compatible, can use OLE links, has multiple 16-bit outputs, 16 programmable TTL in/outputs, and can be programmed for very fast interactive response with changable scan patterns. Please call us to discuss your needs.


HP 6201B Power Supply 0-20V .15A $225

HP 6202B Power Supply 0-40V .75A $235

HP 6205C Dual Power Supply 0-40V .3A, 0-20V .6A $400

Fluke 343A Voltage Calibration Source

Tek C-30B Oscilloscope Camera for Polaroids $175

Tek C-1001 Oscilloscope CCD Camera $375

Lambda Power Supply LP-520-FM 0-10V 5A $190

Lambda Dual Power Supply LPD-421A-FM 0-20V 1.7A $280

Ithaco 393 Lock-in Amplifier, dual range, 0.1 Hz to 1Hz and 1 Hz to 10 Hz

Lansing 80-215 Lock-In Amps

EG&G 5204 Lock-In Amplifier


Please remember we have been members of the informal league of international equipment resellers for over 25 years. So if you need any type of laser, photonic equipment, electronic test gear, or vacuum device, let us find it for you.

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