We have compiled some photos and videos demonstrating what different laser effects look like.  We hope this assists your understanding of laser display technology. For a glossary of laser entertainment terms, please see our laser glossary.  For the most complete laser display glossary on the web, please see the ILDA glossary.

Projector BeamPort Launches 

Example projector is our GreenHornet

Laser Single-Axis Sheet

Example projector is our GreenHornet

Machida FiberGrating with Whitelight Laser
MultiColor and Ribbed Tunnels
Double Tubes

SpectraScan2000 System at Bingo, Shenzhen China

Red Sheet with Blue-White Fan

SpectraScan2000 System at Bingo, Shenzhen China

DownPour Cone Effect
Diffraction Effect on SpectraScan GreenHornet
Sample Graphic Frame Images

Created using Pangolin LaserShow Designer Software

Click on slide to see the full image

Scanned LaserBeam Fan and LaserBeam Tubes

Created with full-color whitelight laser such as WhiteKnight with SpectraScan2000 Graphics System

Download MPEG video files of the shows "Creation" and "Clockwork" designed on a Pangolin LD system.

[Dividing Line Image]

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