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LaserShow Designer 2000 LD Graphic Converter Wizard2010 FxWizard
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A Lasershow Designer 2000 system includes...

The CD/DVD set is packed with programs, help files, frames, shows and music.


LD2000 software: A suite of programs and utilities that work together to create and sequence images into animated laser shows and beam effects, all played back with audio, video, DMX-controlled lights and pyro. The software runs on Windows computers (2000, ME, XP, Vista). LD2000 programs include:
  • LD2000 drawing and graphics program
  • Showtime timeline-based show creation& playback program
  • Autoplay simple, automatic show playback program, with included scrolling text capability
  • Live! cue triggering utility. Designed for performing at live events such as corporate theater
  • TraceIT bitmap graphic tracing utility to automatically turn pictures into laser outlines
  • Lasershow Video VST -- real-time video to laser converter
  • Asteroids a laser version of the classic video game
  • AVS-Laser music visualization plug-in for the popular Windows Media Player called Winamp
  • Over 120 free shows and demos -- get started right away! Fifteen of these shows include royalty-free music.
  • Over 300,000 laser frames and animations -- including the complete Lightspeed Design library
  • A tutorial DVD showing how to use the main features of LD2000 and Showtime

Click here to read more about the QM2000 board

QM2000 hardware board: This goes in a slot in a desktop computer, or in a QM2000.NET box on your laptop's network. The QM2000 board does all of the crucial calculations, and it holds all of the laser frames and show content.


Holo-Spectra is proud that we have gained a reputation as the foremost programmer in the LaserShow Designer API outside of Pangolin. Our programs use modern WIN interfaces and 32-bit programs using the latest innovations of Microsoft's programming tools. Whether you are running your first small installation or you are the technical head of a large professional laser production house, you will find powerful tools available here.

We have been dealers of the Pangolin LaserShow Designer line since the first Amiga release. We say with complete confidence that the SpectraScan Software Suite based on LD Pro is the finest most powerful laser design and display system in the world. Please examine the documents here, download the Adobe acrobat files, or visit the Pangolin site for further information.

"Throughout the development of the Pangolin Applications Programming Interface [API], I have had the opportunity to work with many clients. Most of the clients who create companion software only scratch the surface of the capability provided in our API. However, the Spectra Scan software from Holo-Spectra takes full advantage of the capabilities of Pangolin. It has been a pleasure working with Bill Arkin of Holo-Spectra during the development of
these advanced applications.

William Benner - Developer of the Pangolin API and author of ShowTime and other Pangolin Products

LaserShow Designer 2000 Pro

LaserShow Designer Pro is a laser-computer on a board, the powerful QMod2000, controlled by an integrated group of sophisticated programs running under any Windows operating system. You can create and edit images, animations, 3D views and rotations, abstract flowing laser patterns, and scrolling text with the largest toolbox of special effects and features in the industry. All of the above laser display images and modules can be quickly integrated into flowing show presentations using the ShowTime DragN'Drop timeline editor. Hundreds of pre-made and customizable effects can be dropped onto multiple tracks of laser images to create fantastic laser presentations.  It is no surprise that the overwhelming amount of award winning lasershows at the ILDA and other industry conventions were made on LD as well as winning every major technical award.   Just take a look at the competitive award count of the world's major laser software programs.  Playback images and shows by simple single image clicking,  SMPTE time control, or MIDI keyboard control and there is CD/wave/mpeg music synchronization too.  Plus there are thousands of ready made images, animations, and over a HUNDRED shows (laser songs) totaling many hours of graphics and beam shows free for your use on the LD CD:   LaserShow Designer 2000, the world's best laser display software without a doubt.

  • Be sure to tour all the included  Free Shows And Frames
  • Introduction to LD Pro Laser Graphics System
  • LD Pro Capabilities
  • LD2000 Intro, Fantastic Low Cost Software Creation & Control
  • newrotate.gif (12646 bytes) Beyond
  • LD Version Comparisons and Feature by Feature Comparison to Competitors
  • LD ShowTime DragN'Drop Laser Song Creation
  • LD Editing Window Screen
  • LD Control Window Screen
  • LD ShowTime Window Screen
  • Download Acrobat Brochures
  • Pricing

    LD2000 Graphic Converter

    This new and important program was written by Holo-Spectra and performs several valuable functions previously unavailable. Starting with images created by popular Windows vector drawing programs such as Corel, AutoCad, Visio, and Macromedia Flash, LD Converter is able to convert them directly into laser viewable Pangolin LDB or ILDA files. You can also convert any font on the Windows system including non-English alphabets as well as curved text and italics. Don't forget you also now have access to literally 100,000's of clipart images!

    "We have used the Spectrascan converter on Chinese characters, Corel and Photoshop text, achieving a laser image more precise containing less points than you could ever efficiently digitize by hand.  This is all quite apart from the remarkable speed advantage of using this piece of software."

    "We used the Spectrascan converter to complete the large graphic component of an important lasershow installation in Asia.  Within a very tight time frame we converted 2600 frames of computer generated character animation achieving a unique look, for our 8 minute animated story.

    Peter Henry, Oracle Laser Productions - Australia

    "So far LDGC's conversions have been great, a little touch up, but I'm very impressed as to the time it saves me! Thank god someone like you sat down and wrote this program! It's about time! "

    Jason McEachern, Production Design Intl - Canada

    He Demands Speed, Efficiency, & Quality
    In His Laser Graphic Creation & Editing
  • LD Graphic Converter -- Full Screen
    • Conversion Screens Before & After
      He Uses LD Graphic Converter, Shouldn't You?

    Price $785


    While LD Pro is famous for its unmatched creation and editing capabilities, it is weaker when you have to perform live spontaneously with unpredictable sudden changes in playback requirements. This describes a disco environment but it is also true of a corporate presentation when you hear the producer call for an unplanned laser event over the headphones. Wizard2010 is designed as an adjunct to LD for all realtime performance situations. It combines 10 scroll messages, unlimited animation playback, 90 beams or frames or laser effects, 30 sequences, 30 performance frames with a wide selection of active effects, and show/scene playback with fast virtual loading and realtime TimeBend for synching shows to live events. You can program it all with the frames and show effects you want and then save as a Show Configuration.  Because Wizard2010 wants you to be able to act instantly, you have multiple presets for scanner offset and gain which are triggered as fast as you can switch tabs to the new performance mode. So your beam settings can be as wide as the room, your scrolling text in the upper center, and your graphics on a side screen. We are continuously adding active effects beyond standard rotation, translation, and sizing, like sparkle, fill-in, and pulse. We actively solicit requests for new frame effects.

    If you know a better realtime laser entertainment control environment even close to this price anywhere in the world, let us know and we will send you a present AND add new features to this all-star performer!    ItCanBeBetter@lasershs.com


    RealTime Performance Features

    BeamWizard Description


    BeamWizard Screen Views

    doorin2.gif (3615 bytes)

    Download Win Help File

    Download Acrobat Brochure

    Magical Mystery Tour


    Wizard2010 Server

    An advanced version of the BeamWizard software, it has an additional programmable interface.  Known in Microsoft language as an OLE or DCOM server, it can be completely controlled by external software even from other computers on a network.  Anything that can be controlled by Wizard2010 can be automated with this program.  This allows simple programming interfaces in VB or C+ to generate complex LD laser displays in realtime based on inputs, current conditions etc.  You can do realtime text scrolling display, generate realtime advertising display, pick-and-place user data, conveyor belt layouts, show internet based information, have interactive theme park dark rides, game display interaction, user mediated display,  and whatever you can imagine.  Our AdLaser software is based on this module.



    This script reading program can do automated display of advertising with time based output, looping, and text control.  Please contact us with your questions on this very custom program.  We can do Access database logging of client spots etc.


    Our new program allows you to directly convert text from any combination of TrueType fonts into Pangolin LD or platform independent ILDA frame file formats Characters can be input as mixtures of colors, sizes, and italics and you can position them as you like. Just type in the text window or do a quick  drag-and-drop from Word or even load in a text file. The output is proportional, beautifully shaped outline letters at the density you select. RichTextFormat for input is supported as is vector or point mode for the laser output. Automatic corner recognition and user-controlled finesse/point density are key features. A versatile viewport with scrolling and zoom is of course a primary design element. SpectraText is available in two versions. One is designed for Pangolin’s LD family with file saving in .ldb format or direct placement in a QuadMod32 frame number. The second version is an important new addition to our SpectraScan family as it can run without any proprietary hardware card. Output mode is saving to disk as ILDA format frames. Expand your artistic design capability with full font power including localized language fonts for tildas, umlauts, accent marks, and foreign glyphs.  Please your clients by selecting the fonts they want you to use right from their logos and brochure presentations.  All this new creative power is available in a package featuring ease of use and low cost.

    SpectraText.bmp (1265014 bytes)

    SpectraText for Pangolin LD - Requires QuadMod32 Board                 $125


    FxWizard is a modern graphics-based Win98/2000 program designed to control laser table and rail projectors and special effect modules with a digital interface. It interfaces to our microcontroller modules by a single RS232 serial port or uses the Pangolin QM2000 DMX. While it has advanced support for LaserShow Designer systems, it operates independently of any proprietary boards or software graphics systems. From the keyboard and mouse, the user can control beam shutter, 3 color-control flags, 20 table actuators, a lumia, a dual wheel diffraction motor combination (speed and direction), a stepper-based rotating and positional Machida, a motorized remote cone (speed and direction), and a programmable single-axis remote sheet scanner. The sheet scanner has three variable-gain variable-frequency digital oscillators, popcorn generator, and offset. The software color control module supports color modulation with variable speed and multiple color patterns. This is particularly powerful when beating against the other digital effects. There is also 10 preset capability for the effects modules and chase support. Of course, we offer the digital hardware for all these effects modules as well as our digital SpectraBeam, Millennia2000, and LitePipe table and rail projectors include this software.

    Standard Price $325. Numerous options with hardware.


    formatamatic_screen.bmp (1138462 bytes)

    A shareware utility for batch conversion of Pangolin frame file formats, Formatamatic rapidly converts folders full of LD images between ILD, LDA, and LDB formats.   Formatamatic uses drag-and-drop instant response technology and acts as a frame and file parameter viewer.  Upgraded in December '98 with additional diagnostic tools to show anchor, blank, and vector corner points among other features.

    Download It!  Please note you must run this software on a PC with a Pangolin QuadMod32 card or it will stop instantly.  If you don't own Pangolin's card, it is useless to you!

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