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4 Watt Whitelight Integrated Projector

Millennia 2000 Projectors in Club Environments
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A powerful performer for clubs, theatres, and theme parks, the SpectraScan Millennia 2000 Projector is a combination of all of our newest technologies in one integrated portable solution.  It is based on Coherent's Innova whitelight tube, the finest ion laser tube manufactured.  The laser power supply, laserhead, all electronics for actuator control, effects control, color control, and scan control are built into this tabletop projector.  The removable hood has special anti-reflection coated glass and the environment is positive-pressurized for maintaining cleanliness in smoke-filled clubs for night after night reliability.  The top is hinged for access to the laser and the electronics.  It features at least one PCAOM Cambridge high speed scanhead (Pangolin LaserShow Designer controlled), fiber launches, subtractive color filtration, safety shutter, lumia port, dual digital rotating diffraction effect, and multiple single, dual, and quad beam launches.  It can have between 10-20 beam and effects ports.  The table is controlled by ILDA Standard DMX input or our digital PC programs SpectraScan EffectsWizard and BeamWizard.  It can also be controlled by Pangolin ShowTime.  The actuators are the fast TTL STP8X and we use very high quality MM1 fine adjustment mirrors and all mounts have large thumbscrew-type knobs.  All optics are highest quality dielectric high power mirrors.

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    Versatile Positioning    

     Holo-Spectra Embedded          

Machida FiberGrating

         Dual Variable Motorized

                                                       Controller/DMX Technology           Stepper-Controlled                 Diffraction Gratings 
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  • Brilliant 4 Watts of Rainbow Color
  • Cambridge 6800HP ScanHeads
  • 8-channel PCAOM Scan Coloration
  • Independent Dichroic Beam Coloration
  • Powerful PC Control Programs
  • Can be Controlled from DMX Boards/Software
  • Supports Every Laser Effect In Professional Use
  • Easy-To-Turn ThumbWheel Positioners
  • Beams Can Be Inclined and Rotated
  • Lizard is Not Included

Our Mascot Admiring the Workmanship

Lumia Port From Overhead

  • Refurbished Coherent Laser for Economy
  • Rollable Cart or Pin Set for Rigid Placement
  • Water Cooling at 2.5 GPM
  • Closed Loop Cooling Systems Optional
  • Low Loss Sealed Window
  • Pressurized Optical Area to Keep Dirt Out
  • Exceptionally Strong Cast Metal Structure
  • Table is 18" x 60" x 45" Hegiht
  • 220VAC 3 Phase Power
  • One Year Warranty
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Millennia 2000 Projectors are customized to each client's or club's specific needs.  Please contact us for your quotation on this dynamic versatile LaserShow Performer.

Millennia2000 performing at Club Monaco, Saigon Vietnam:  1 min video, 213KB Windows Media format

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