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The Cat's Meow

Thanks to recently introduced technology, we are now able to offer this fantastic laser graphics performance package at an economy price!   Pangolin LD2000 Intro software  and the QM2000 board form the powerful computer platform for Win95/98/2000 and we add the fast 30K CatWeazle  feedback scanner as our XY scan head.  Finally, our star performer laser source is a 10mW (or up to 200mw!) green 532nm modulatable diode-pumped doubled solid-state YAG.  WOW!   For $4895, you get a fast compact bright laser display system based on the world's most popular laser software. meow_outline.gif (73509 bytes)   Because the wavelength of this laser is right at the highest sensitivity of the eye, even 10mW is very bright, up to 5 times the perceived brightness of other laser types.  This sealed integrated system is very reliable because of the long lifetimes of solid-state lasers -- no tubes to break and no water cooling.   Far beyond a hobbyist's system, The Cat's Meow  is intended for professional applications in small clubs, point-of-sales displays, exhibition and tradeshow display, museum presentation, sophisticated home theatre, and theme park darkrides.  Professional laserists will find these outstanding demonstration and programming stations.

Check out the review of our technical award winning scan engine in the Laserist magazine.

Cat's Meow    Features

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The system is in a rugged black-anodized aluminum case (no flimsy sheet metal!) with fan, key switch, and indicator light.   Public installation in the USA will require a CDRH variance for this Class IIIB product.  Our CDRH product variance will make the application easy and our assistance is available.

Optional configurations are red laser diode sources, fiber-optic input alone (FiberCat), and dual source systems for both fiber and internal laser.  The 10mw system can also be purchased for $3195 without the software. 

Currently, we recommend the 100mw units as the best power for the price.  This is particularly suitable for aerial beams with smoke.  We find that even a 20mw system can do bright graphics on a 4 ft square screen.

Cat'sMeow Color Brochure, Adobe Acrobat format 2.4 Mbytes

Cat'sMeow Color Brochure, Jpeg format 123 Kbytes

Cat's Meow 10mw $4795
Cat's Meow 20mw $5395
Cat's Meow 50mw $6195
Cat's Meow 100mw $6995
Cat's Meow 150mw $8195

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