Holo-Spectra has manufactured for many years very high end laser projector systems found in theme parks, theatres, the largest discos, and the most successful lasershow service companies around the globe.  Thanks to continuous improvements and cost reductions in laser sources, scan components, and software, we are pleased to be able to offer our same high quality standards in new projector systems designed for use in smaller venues at greatly reduced prices.  

For us, economy systems do not mean plastic or flimsy cases, anemic software, or laser power slightly brighter than an LED.  Beware of manufacturers with lots of flash and sizzle and little technical data; that means they are more interested in impulse selling than in the quality design of their products.  While we may in the future offer some simple products with under 5 mw sources, we strongly encourage you NOT to buy systems in which lasers that cost ten or twenty bucks are put into projectors that sell for several thousand.  You are paying for a lot of hardware that essentially isn't being used.  In our opinion, only small graphics can be effective with lasers in the 5-10 mw range, not beams.  Currently, the sweet spot in power-to-cost are 100 mw sources; these are your best brightest bargains.

If you want to direct beams and launch aerial sheet and fan effects, then the GreenHornet is your man!  Ten independent ports, 360 degree positionable beams, digital motorized diffraction effect, and a scanport with controllable sheets, fans, and beam looks - all easily commanded from a low cost DMX controller.  Check the rugged quality; check the many different effects; and check out the PRICE!

Are you more interested in laser graphic shows and scrolling text, the display of your logo while still launching fantastic 3D aerial laser webs?  Then take a look at the Cat'sMeow featuring the most awarded software and scanhead packages - Pangolin LD2000 and CatWeazle. While this system is excellent for projected graphics on screens, walls, and scrims, remember that a scanhead cannot direct beams outside of its scancone of about +- 30 degrees.  This is the reason, that we talk of graphics projectors as opposed to beam projectors.  Certainly, the two can be combined.  See our LitePipe systems for an excellent example of a professional combined projector

If you want a simple laser graphics animation, playing in a loop, for a sales message, a PR announcement, or specialized advertising, take a look at the lowest price CatPro

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