DMX control of lighting and lasers is essential today.  Many other industrial and media presentation systems also use the efficient and reliable DMX protocol.  We offer several products for generation and decode of DMX signals.

For all types of DMX receiver applications, especially ILDA Laser Projectors, we distribute JPK System's DMX receivers up to 32 channels.  Compare to other boards that only offer 16 channels or have primarily TTL outputs.  These DMX decoders can be used as inputs to dimmer packs, fog machines, and custom display/multimedia control.  For laser installations, these boards can directly run our STP-8X actuators or can be used as inputs to high current drivers for other actuators such as General Scanning GM-20's.  Used with such drivers, you can fade your actuators for elegant projector transitions.  
 32 Channel DMX512 Receiver   $220
  • Analog voltage outputs on all 32 channels
  • Individually selectable maximum 5V or 10V outputs with up to 20mA current
  • Ribbon cable connects/disconnects all 32 channels at once
  • Compact size 165 x 67mm (6.50 x 2.64 inches)
  • Optional screw terminal board for ILDA ISP-DMX applications
  • DMX signal indicator and full 512 channel addressing
 8 Channel DMX512 Receiver   $115
  • Compact size 101 x 46mm (3.98 x 1.81 inches)
  • DMX signal indicator and full 512 channel addressing
  • Outputs on 9 way D-type connector
 2 Relay DMX512 Receiver   $95
  • Compact size 92 x 46mm (3.62 x 1.81 inches)
  • Programmable switching levels and up to 10A at 240Vac switching
  • DMX signal indicator and full 512 channel addressing
  • 5 Relay Option available
For DMX decode and control of ILDA ISP laser projectors, we offer our PICPro board at $340.  This board is specifically designed to decode the DMX stream and control 16 TTL actuators, a shutter, 3 color channels, 2 scan insertion devices, 2 directional variable speed diffraction wheels, and a stepper motor rotational device such as a Machida grating.  All are decoded according to the ILDA DMX Channel definitions.

PC Control of DMX

PC control of DMX is available with JPK System's compact transceiver and our software.  Included free with the DMX controller are our DMXtreme programs for monitoring DMX channels or controlling DMX output.  If you are a programmer, you can use PC serial port commands from Visual Studio to transmit and receive the first 256 DMX channels.
    DMX512 Transceiver   $165
  • RS232 serial port interface to your host equipment (PC, Mac, embedded)
  • Read 256 DMX channel values or Send to devices like lighting, lasers, and fog machines
  • Runs on 9VDC wall transformer (extra cost) and uses 5-pin XLR Connector
  • Indicator lights for Power, Transmit, and Receive
  • Programmers can do simple communication using Visual Basic MSComm Control
  • Opto-isolated serial input and 11msec update for 256 channels
  • Transceive/transmit/receive versions
  • FREE PC software included

For PC software generation of DMX control lines, we also use the Pangolin QM2000 PCI board in conjunction with their LD2000 programs and our SpectraScan2000 programs Wizard2000 and FxWizardYou can program DMX channels and values onto buttons in the SpectraScan programs or synchronize complex DMX transitions to realtime lasershows in Pangolin ShowTime using DMX frames.  Because of all its media features and sophisticated timeline interface, this $1995 board and software is a powerful show programmer.


Of course, our other products and software support the important control protocols of DMX and MIDI.

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